So you know you’ve got BIG THINGS to do in the world.  Sometimes you are so so sure of yourself.  But sometimes, you get so, so stuck in overwhelm and self-sabotage, that you just don’t really know if you have what it takes.  

You know those upper limits?  That stuckness and overwhelm?  It’s just fear in disguise.

 Join me for the FREE 5-day Making Friends with Fear Challenge to ditch it for good.

Five Day Mind Mastery Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs

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 I know you want to be free to create a soulful + sustainable business.

I know you want to clear out all the self-doubt and procrastination and over-delivery crap that’s in your way.

I know you want to streamline + simplify, to finally work out what you love to do and exactly who you want to gift that special thing to too!

I know you want to be loud and proud about your superpowers.

And I know you REALLY want to get out of your own way once and for all.

mfwf_kylie patchett

Hey honey, I totally get it!

Not too long ago I was just starting out as an entrepreneur too and I did not really believe I had what it takes either.

I kept seeing all these amazingly successful people online and thinking there is no freaking way I could ever get to their level of success.

In fact I created a measly $12,000 in my first year of business. I was so unsure of myself and so unsure of how to even get noticed online that I stayed small and safe and stuck.

Fast forward two and a bit years and these days it’s a totally different story – I run a global online enterprise, work with clients who I LOVE, and stay smack bang in my genius zone making healthy cash doing work that lights me up.

I want to share all the juice I have learnt about Mindset, Money and Mojo (what I like to call divine self care) that helped me personally, and oodles of my gorgeous gal clients, leap ahead too.

Looking back to when I first started out, I realise the issue was not the gap between my ability and those of the people I used to compare myself to. The truth is, it was really the gap between my MINDSET and theirs.

Self-mastery is the key to bridging the gap between were you are now and where you want to be – in business and in life.


I told you that self mastery was the only true path to freedom, that understanding what really stands in your way in between your two ears, is THE easiest-to-access, and yet so-undervalued, secret ingredient to your success [just like it is to those other chicks].


What if I told you that all that:

• fear of success
• fear of failure
• fear of not being good enough
• fear of being rejected
• fear of not being ready

shizbit was just your gorgeous mind’s way of keeping you safe, and I could TEACH you how to make friends with that fear and let go of the limiting beliefs once and for all?





• discover your personal breed of business self-sabotage
• identify your true blocks to real business success
• finally forgive yourself for getting in your own way, so you can shine your light out into the world with confidence, clarity and commitment.

Five Day Mind Mastery Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs

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Join me – expert Mindset Coach Kylie Patchett – and 100s of women entrepreneurs across the globe for instant access to the the Making Friends with Fear Challenge. A 5 day fear-taming challenge for women entrepreneurs.

About Kylie Patchett

Your Making Friends With Fear guide.

In case you don’t know me already, I’m Kylie.

A chick who lives a pretty darn delicious life just three little years after screaming “I am freaking done with this shite!” at the Universe after finding myself grieving my Dad’s death 20 kg overweight, depressed and with no clue of what I wanted to do when I “grew up”.
After drawing a line in that sticky little self sabotage story, I have since carved out a sweet life and an even sweeter global online enterprise delivering my unique combo of business, management, health, spirituality and BS busting wisdom to help women in transition create the lives they crave and other women entrepreneurs to create the businesses they crave. My clients do this without sacrificing their souls, their scruples or their sanity.
In a nutshell, if self mastery had a cheer squad I would be numero uno cheerleader shaking my pom poms in the air like I just don’t care! I reckon the key to creating anything you want in life is to master that delicious space between your two little ears.

Five Day Mind Mastery Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs

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