Tame your mind. Release your blocks. Access your true potential.

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What if I told you running your business could be easy?

Or better yet, soulful, sustainable and successful?

Would you believe me…?

Or do you secretly believe that kind of success only comes to other people? Perhaps you worry you don’t know enough, so you keep yourself small (and safe) on purpose. Maybe you’re even a little afraid of success because of what you believe you’ll have to give up to get there, like quality time with your family, sleep, and a life…

Whatever you’ve been telling yourself honey, it’s literally the only thing that’s standing between you and your own soulful, sustainable business success story.

I want you to know that it is possible for you.

You just have to learn how to tame your mind, get out of your own darn way and let it happen – I can show you how.

Introducing the Mindset Mastery program

Making Friends with Fear

Making Friends With Fear is an 8 week online group coaching intensive for women entrepreneurs who are ready to bust through limiting beliefs and master their own mindset to create the business and life they crave.

Hands up if you can relate:

  • Every time you see another online business success story you feel small, frustrated and like it’ll never be you
  • You’re struggling with perfectionism and comparisonitis and it’s stopping you from putting yourself out there and gaining new clients
  • You swing between confident action-taking and doubt filled periods of stuckness, but mostly you spend your days fluffing around getting nowhere fast
  • You’ve got clients who think you do a great job, but you’re worried if you put your prices up they’ll stop hiring you, so you simply work harder
  • As ‘busy’ as you are, the rewards aren’t matching your efforts, and you’re heading towards burn out

Ok, hands down. You can relax. I’ve got you covered, honey.

Making Friends With Fear

will walk you through my proven five-step process for uncovering and clearing your BS blocks and limiting beliefs so you can start to lay a solid foundation for business success.

Soon, anything will feel possible.

  • You’ll create space for solid planning and a clear direction for your business
  • You’ll discover your default self-sabotage cycles and learn how to tame them
  • You’ll have access to simple yet powerful tools to help you face and move through the inevitable fears that come up, only faster and with more confidence
  • You’ll walk away with unshakeable belief in yourself and your busines

Identifying, taming and clearing mindset blocks is one of the most undervalued, yet most easily accessible and powerful tools for entrepreneurial success.

This is not just another how-to business program. It’s the one program you need to do before you try to put any other (or any more) business or marketing strategy in place.

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Hi! I’m Kylie Patchett

I’m a Mindset Mentor for women entrepreneurs and creatrix of the Making Friends with Fear online program.

After several years of working one to one with women entrepreneurs from all around the world, and at all stages in their business, I started to realise that the challenges they were facing varied, but the fears, doubts and business self-sabotages were the same.

  • To get it all perfect before launching (then paralysed with self-doubt)
  • To grow their businesses super fast (then feel like a failure when it doesn’t)
  • To have a perfectly balanced life business and gorgeous 2.2 kids family (and feeling stressed to the hilt in the process).

So I gathered everything I knew about taming the mind, along with my favourite tools for personal transformation and created Making Friends With Fear.

I’m passionate about helping women shine a light on their true potential, and this group program enables me to help even more women embrace their own mindset as a tool to create the business and life they crave.

I believe that we all have amazing gifts to contribute to the world, and whether you’re a seasoned or budding entrepreneur, it is your duty to get the heck out of your own way so you can share that gift with those who need it most.

I can help you do exactly that.

Making Friends with Fear is not about chasing the nonsense notion of ‘fearlessness’ (we need some fear in our life, it’s how we stay safe) and it’s not some hard arse disrespectful way of relating to ourselves or others. It’s about surrendering what no longer serves you.


In Making Friends with Fear, I’ll help you do that by working through a series of mindset coaching tools and reset techniques, through powerful self-love and forgiveness practises and through a super supportive community who will hold space whilst you break free of your own self-imposed limits.

With your mind mastered you will:

  • Release your old stories and gain the clarity and confidence to finally claim your expertise
  • Operate your business from the internal peace and purpose that comes from knowing that you have the tools to act despite the inevitable fears that will come up – because ‘fearless’ is a ridiculous notion
  • Have the mental resilience and freedom to run a business that grows consistently, and in a way that feels soulfully aligned with you, your lifestyle and all you want to create
  • Feel you can handle any sort of fear, doubt or stuckness that crops up and maintain the show-up-every-damn-day consistency that it takes for real business growth
  • Be empowered with a powerful and highly actionable toolbox of mindset shifting and shaping tools and frameworks that you can use for life

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It does mean you need to recognise and understand what’s really holding you back.

If you’re holding onto negative views about the world, business, money or success, then you need to know how to release any unhelpful beliefs before you can move forward.

Once you’ve mastered your mind you really can create the business and life you crave: the one that brings you more freedom, more independence, more contribution and more internal peace.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some others had to say:

DIANA MILLER, Artist & Designer www.dianamiller.me

As soon as I started working with Kylie I had a lot of aha moments, but as we went through the materials, and I was able to deal with the mindset issues on a deep level, things just started to fall into place. I believe they call it flow! Doors started opening and now I’m in the best work life place I could possibly be.

KYLIE GABUTTO, The Online Business Stylist kyliegabutoo.com

Deciding to work with Kylie is the single best investment I’ve made for my business – and my life. Kylie has taught me there’s no line between the two, I am my business and my business is me. So I now build my business around the life I want, NOT the other way around. I bow deep in gratitude to you Kylie. Thank you for holding space for me, for your encouragement and calling me on my BS. Words don’t seem enough to express how grateful I am. I normally would read back through this before submitting, but have decided to send with NO filter applied. AND GO!

RACHAEL CRITCHELL, Nurse Educator www.diabeteslifesupport.com

Working with Kylie has improved my confidence and I feel a lot more positive about all aspects of my business. I now have clarity about where I’m going and what I’m doing. Kylie is approachable, positive, supportive and very knowledgeable. She has a knack for bringing everyone together and helping to make sense of what everyone is going through.


 Here’s what it covers


Awareness truly is the first step. I see far too many women standing in their own way, and they just can’t see it.

They say things like:

‘I’m not good enough’
‘I can’t do that’
‘but there are so many other people out there doing that already’.

In Making Friends with Fear, we’ll uncover the stories and limiting beliefs that have been running the show on autopilot. This is the first and most important step where you’ll gain a deep understanding of what’s really blocking your success.


You’ve done the study and you’ve listened intently to the experts, but for whatever reason it’s just not working for you.

You’re either not taking action, or your not taking the right actions. You feel stuck, overwhelmed, or in “it’s all been done before” despair.

No more, honey! I’ll share with you my simple yet highly effective formula to tame any stuck points.

You’ll learn how to harness this formula to change literally anything that stands in your way.


Oh yes! The long forgotten art of self-compassion and radical self respect.

Without solid boundaries, time out from your business to take care of yourself, and staying smack bang in your superpowers, your business is just not sustainable.

Learn how to break the habits of over-delivery, poor work life balance and ridiculously high expectations that breed ill health, burnout and way too much sacrifice, so you can create a business that leaves room for life.

JANELLE RYAN, Change Catalyst skyhighcoaching.com

I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about my business. I felt relieved (to start working with her) then positive and optimistic, then successful (website overhaul, new packages and processes in place) then I crashed and burned, then broke through more mindset crap and felt positive, optimistic, and determined all over again! A major insight for me was being able to forgive myself for not becoming financially profitable in my first year, and then the realisation that I don’t need to be chained to my office 24/7 for magic to happen. As a result I feel more excited and optimistic and probably more realistic about my business these days. There’s no more confusion because I have a plan in place. Kylie is very nurturing and really cares about those she works with. The 1:1 sessions, the meditations, the resources, the communication between sessions, the mindset work – it’s all golden. My only regret is that I didn’t work with Kylie sooner!


As soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email invitation to set up your user name and password. You score instant access to our gorgeously designed online home Making Friends with Fear HQ. There you’ll find all the audios, videos and fun sheets you need to bust through those blocks and start building the confidence you crave.


Unlike ‘self study’ programs that can leave you feeling stuck in your own head and unsure about which move to make next, Making Friends With Fear includes a live two hour group coaching call with me once a week.

Mind Mastery can be a scary old journey at times. We’ll question your old belief systems and push at the edge of your comfort zone. There might be times when you’re unsure of yourself or the process so these calls are the perfect way to help you unravel any mindset tangles you cant make sense of.

These calls truly make all the difference between becoming stuck in your own head and taking real action that grows your business.

It’s a chance to have the hard conversations and see that we all have the same fears, doubts and self-sabotages. Trust me, a beautifully supportive circle of soul sisters can make all the difference.

As well as the weekly live calls I’ll also be popping in throughout the week in the Making Friends with Fear Sacred Space Forum to answer your questions.


Here’s what you’ll learn


Gain a greater understanding of the lens through which you view your life and yourself. We’ll check in with a full life and limits review, and get clarity around the stories you want to heal. Gaining greater awareness is truly the biggest gift you can give to yourself.


We’ll find out where your dodgy beliefs came from in the first place, whose stories they really are, and where and when they began. You’ll also gain a tangible understanding of the look, feel and root cause of your limiting patterns. This is intense work yet hugely rewarding.


Why are you’re holding on to this old way of being – let’s find out, shall we? This is about keeping it real and taking personal responsibility for the drivers that keep you stuck in this pattern. Commit to letting go and finally being free. Say g’day to gentleness and self-appreciation.

04 / SHIFT

Self-mastery time. You’ll have access to a selection of practical yet powerful mindset taming tools.

Choose the ones that resonate for you with specific techniques that fit you and your lifestyle.

These tools will keep you out of self-sabotage and create real flow in your life and business. True freedom awaits.

05 / SHOW

Expand your future field of possibilities. Now you’ve surrendered the limiting shizzle, discover what is truly possible for you.

Set the scene for healthy aligned business and life growth. Surrender to your true potential and full magnificence.


Get extra inspiration and takeaway tools from a library of bonus meditation tracks hand selected by me to help you through the most common entrepreneurial hiccups.

Use these tracks to support you through periods of resistance, overwhelm and self-doubt, plus a library of EFT scripts and videos to help you deal with any area of business or life that you might be struggling with.

KRIS EMERY Web Words Editor, krisemery.com

Before I started working with Kylie I was looking for someone who wasn’t another “do as I say” type coach. As soon as I connected with her I knew she was different and after we started working together I got the balls to quit my soul destroying backup job. My income has steadily increased month after month, and I’m finally taking myself seriously as a business owner. Finally I 100% believe in myself thanks to Kylie’s strategies and support.

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On top of the 8 week immersion and a ton of powerful and highly actionable content, you can also expect


These deep diving five part audio masterclasses will give you the specific tools and techniques I use to master each of the Anti Entrepreneurs, and includes:

  • My top mindset training tools that you can apply immediately – no 1:1 coaching required
  • A beautiful meditation track designed specifically to break you out of your mental rut and get you back into flow
  • Breathing and yoga techniques that you can add to your mind taming toolbox to leave you feeling empowered and calm
  • Lifestyle and health balancing tips to ensure you are bringing your best self to your life and your business
  • And, if you are open to them, a few ‘woo-woo’ spiritual and energetic techniques to get your mojo back



In our private Facebook group you’ll connect with fellow Fear Befrienders to support one another, ask questions, share wins, and build powerful relationships.

Part of Making Friends with Fear is acknowledging and really stepping into your superpowers. One of my superpowers is the ability to create super supportive, deeply connected, and gorgeously warm online spaces.

Women who’ve been through my programs tell me again and again that the community is the sweet icing on the cake – and where awesome entrepreneurial connections and friends are made for life.

THIS is truly the safe place and #heartwideopen community you’ve been craving!

VALUE: priceless support encouragment and lifelong friendships!

BIANCA ALONO, Bionica Fit Warrior www.bionicafitwarrior.com

If you want a coach who walks her talk, who will fearlessly help you battle through your own BS, Kylie is it. She’ll be by your side and help you be the poster child for what is possible.

MAKENNA JOHNSTON, Writer Coach and Thought-Leader makennajohnston.com

Kylie is the real freakin’ deal. The time I’ve spent with Kylie working through my business blocks has turned me from scared to be seen wallflower to an open-hearted presence on the Internet.


This is an 8 week online intensive to help you master your mind, so it’s important to me that you know whether or not the Making Friends With Fear Program is right for you before you join.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘hell yeah, this is exactly what I need, here’s a few last things you should know:

  • This experience is designed for women in business who are struggling and are at the crossroads of “getting real” or “I give up”
  • You need to have big goals and be serious as hell about growing a real business
  • You must be accountable and willing to own your shizbit
  • You have to want to stretch your limits and know that you’ll get super clear on your BS and how to cut the crap
  • You have to be prepared to kiss your limiting stories goodbye and carve out your own version of success


This program is not right for you if:

  • You’ve got a rockin’ business making more than 6-figures and you love what you’re doing
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself and are okay sitting exactly where you are for another year
  • You’re just not sure what you really want and think that staying in your comfort zone and playing it safe might be okay for a bit longer
  • You’re looking for a quick fix solution to get the clients, cash and freedom you crave and you’re not willing to put in the work to unravel the crap in your way
  • You don’t want to make your life a sweeter place to live and work


So far, the content and mindset mastery tools that make up this program have helped all sorts of babepreneurs (and babes looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship) to uplevel like crazy in business and in life, including:

  • Health coaches
  • Naturopaths
  • Life Coaches
  • Healers + Medical Intuitives
  • Accountability Coaches
  • Copyeditors
  • Web Designers + Developers
  • Digital Technology Experts
  • Business Strategists
  • SEO Gurus
  • Photographers
  • Sales + Marketing Coaches
  • Writer / Authors

SHAE BAXTER, SEO Superhero shaebaxter.com

The biggest change I feel about who I am and where I am going is stepping up to my own expertise. Kylie has helped me overcome a lot of negative mindset and self-sabotage issues I have around my self-belief, self-worth and my ability to step into my expertise. Not only that, Kylie has amazing business and marketing knowledge and has helped me to put together a complete and thorough sales funnel that leverages my strengths. Her ability to draw the best out of me has come at a critical time in my business where I was about to give up and throw it all in. Thanks to Kylie, I now have renewed self-belief and a strategy and game plan to propel my business to the next level.

About Kylie Patchett

Your guide to Making Friends With Fear

Not that long ago I was exactly where you are now. I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, I had passion and drive, but I lacked the deep-down-in-my-bones kind of self-belief that I would ever have what it takes to succeed.

I remember seeing hugely successful people killing it online and thinking there is just no freaking way I could ever get to that level of success.

In fact, in my first year of business I made a measly $12,000. I had no idea how to get noticed online, and I was so unsure of myself that I stayed small, played safe, and in the process, ended up completely stuck.

Fast-forward four years later, with some deep soul searching, a few formal qualifications, and a LOT of trial and error under my belt, and well, my life looks pretty darn different these days.

I run a global online enterprise, I work smack bang in my zone of genius with clients I adore. I make healthy cash doing work that not only lights me up, but also shines mega watts on everyone around me.

It’s my mission, and absolute pleasure, to share with you all the juice I’ve learnt about mastering the mind to create the kind of business and life you never thought was possible. Mindset work has not only helped shape who I am today, I’ve had the honor of using it to completely transform the lives of hundreds of gorgeous gal clients who continue to take giant leaps ahead.

Looking back to when I first started out online, I realise the issue was not my lack of skills compared to other more successful entrepreneurs; it was the GAP between my mindset and theirs.

Or put another way, they had way more self-belief than I did.

Self-mastery is about being able to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be without fear or resistance getting in your way. Wait! Read that last sentence over again, would you honey…and this time really take it in, and let it marinate.

I want you to understand the full power of that sentence because it’s absolutely fundamental to everything I teach. Ok, got it? Right then…

I’ll show you how to bridge that gap.

Now, if you need something a little less casual, here’s the fancy-pants formal version in the very serious third person…

The full on fancy bio

Kylie Patchett Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Kylie Patchett is a Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, who combines her background in biology and forensic science with mindset, money, and life coaching expertise and years of traditional management skills.

She helps women entrepreneurs break through overwhelm, and their own mental BS, to create what they crave in business – more cash, more clients, more freedom – without sacrificing their soul, their sanity or their health.

Kylie is the Mindset Mentor for Natalie MacNeil’s world-changing Conquer Club, a proud faculty member of Beautiful You Coaching Academy and has contributed to She Takes on the World, Lucky Bitch, Violet Magazine, Business Review Weekly, Profile Magazine and Inspired Coach Magazine.

She’s the mum to two little ladies Abby and Clio (who are equal parts enthralled and embarrassed by their mum’s bad 80s dance moves) and is married to her volunteer fire-fighting husband, Shane who she met in a nightclub at age 21. Kylie’s family and their Kelpie cross, Frankie, lead a quiet country life on a farm on the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia.

TRUDY SIMMONS, Accountability Coach daisychaingroup.com.au

Before I started working with Kylie I was stuck in my own way and didn’t know, what I didn’t know! I didn’t know how to package, or what prices to charge, or how to put myself out there! The biggest change I feel about who I am and where I am going is that I can now see my own potential, I can now see how I help people and that that is important to my clients for me to be seen and heard, so that I am able to reach the audience that needs me the most. Thank you Kylie!

What makes this program so different?

There are many mindset programs out there, some are dodgy, a lot of them are great, and they all teach tools and techniques to shift your awareness in some way. But what sets Making Friends With Fear apart is:

  • An intimate and truly connected community of likeminded souls who will rally around you and help you feel supported because they know and understand the struggles you’re facing
  • You get me personally holding space for you in both the live group calls and the private Facebook group Making Friends With Fear Sacred Space. This means that unlike other self-study programs or large online communities where you feel lost, you get the attention and support you need to make real and lasting change
  • You not only get the usual tools of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘tapping’) and Ho’oponopono (the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness), but you also have access to a large toolbox of instantly actionable tools and frameworks that you can continue to use to improve every area of your life

To top it all off Making Friends With Fear is firmly anchored in self-care practices. We cover holistic health, meditation and yoga to help you take care of your mind, body and soul.

Don’t let another year go by feeling stuck, avoiding action, and self-sabotaging your business success.

Making Friends With Fear is a zero risk investment

Try it on for size for 14 days, risk free.


If you watch the videos, listen to the audios and complete the action steps, yet you still feel like you can’t master your mindset for business success, just send Team KP an email within 14 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

There is one stipulation here lovely lady.

You can’t just change your mind – well you can, that’s the whole point of this program, BUT you can’t change your mind about the program itself without first doing the work!

In my heart of hearts, I know this program has the ability to change your life (like it has for so many others) and massively enhance your ability to create success in your business.

That’s why I do ask that you put the program into practice before you pull out.

I know this stuff works. This is not just textbook theory; this is the actual formula, tools and framework that I’ve personally used to change my own life, and the lives of every single one of my gorgeous gal clients as well.

Show up, do the work, and reap the rewards.

That’s why you can sign up knowing that if the program isn’t the right fit for you (after you’ve done the work), you have my 100% satisfaction guarantee available for a full 14 days from the first live group coaching call.


Sorry honey, there ain’t no magic pill.

Unless you count really committing to self-mastery, and getting real with yourself about how you LIMIT yourself right now.

This program will help you do that IF IF IF you actually do the work, show up, face the (sometimes painful) self discovery process with courage, and reach out for your fellow Fear Befrienders support when you need it!

All the tools in the world won’t work for you if you don’t back yourself to use them. So please, if you want this, but there’s a big voice of fear screaming out at you, either commit 1000% or say no. For your sake, and mine.

No Honey. This is an online group program, and does not include individual consultations with me at all.

You will however get access to a private Facebook community where I drop in regularly to give feedback, suggestions and encouragement. You’ll share this sweet and sacred online space with your soulful entrepreneurial sisters during the course of the live program, and beyond.

You’ll also be able to join me for the live group coaching calls each week.

These are recorded so if you’re unable to make it live, you can submit your questions to be answered during the call.

Over the years I’ve been many things; a medical manager; an organisational change expert; a health coach; a life coach; a business coach; and now a soulful successful online entrepreneur. But in order to create massive change in your life I’ve come to realise you need to be able to master just ONE thing.

It is the ability to master your mind as a gateway to self-mastery.

When we finally master our own mindset we stop getting caught up in the old BS stories we tell ourselves about why we cant have the business or life we crave. When we overcome our limiting beliefs we stop struggling and start taking action. Mindset mastery gives us insight into how and why we’ self-sabotage our business and gives us tools to stop the cycle. Mindset work gives us the inner strength and resilience to keep showing up consistently in the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship.

Making Friends with Fear gives you simple yet powerful tools to help kick self-defeating patterns to the curb so you can actually start implementing all the GOLD in the programs you’ve bought – and never finished. I like to think of it like this: give a woman a cookie (cutter approach) and you feed her for a day, teach a woman to build her own bakery and she’ll feed her tribe (and her family) for a lifetime.

Making Friends with Fear teaches you HOW to build a solid foundation. Other step-by- step programs, without the crucial mindset piece, only feed you for a day – till the next BS belief crops up and stops you in your tracks.

Okay honey, I hear you. We’ve all been there, shelling out for courses that we never finish (and sometimes never even start) because we tell ourselves we don’t have time, we’ll get to it later, we’ll get to it when things aren’t so busy

yada yada…

But truthfully, it’s because even when we start with the very best intentions, without the right mindset we soon become overwhelmed, we get stuck and we start telling ourselves our old BS stories again about why we can’t implement.

Where most courses simply give you content to implement and leave you to it, Making Friends With Fear tackles the most important and crucial step right out of the gate – how to master your mindset for success.

This is without a doubt the course you need to do before you start (or finish) any others because it gives you the crucial tools, strategies and frameworks to change the way you approach every aspect of your life and business

It’s up to you lovely lady – you can keep trying to do this the hard way, or you can identify, clear the blocks, and become someone who takes real action to create a soulful, sustainable and successful business.

This is a how-long’s- a-piece- of-string question. It all depends on your level of motivation, stick-at- it-ness, and desire to dig deep enough to really get the heck out of your own way.

The Making Friends with Fear Program includes six modules and hand-selected bonus content, delivered across 8 weeks in each live round of the program. We make space for two integration weeks after the modules which take the most emotional / practical / mental headspace to work through, and we have a group coaching call that week to make sure you have all your questions answered.

I recommend keeping pace with the group by diving into the six core modules, digesting one module per week (per fortnight for the integration week modules), and putting the tools into practice, before moving on to the next module.

Yes, I know life can throw a curveball or two, so if that happens and you lose pace with the group, no problemo – you’ll be invited to join us for subsequent rounds of the program. Making Friends with Fear runs live at least twice per year, so you can breathe a sigh of relief right there!

Oh yes indeedy!

Even if you’ve been in business before and failed, even if you failed in your current business, even if you’ve tried several different versions of this business and still failed, and even if you’ve tried all sorts of one-size- fits-all magic pill programs and you’re back where you started, the answer is still a big resounding ‘yes’.

The simple truth is that when your mind is aligned, when you understand cash creation and how to gracefully receive sacred coinage for your superpowers, you cannot do anything but succeed.

The fact that you haven’t yet is even more reason to dig under why and get out of your own way once and for all.


Why? Because you’ll skip the first 2-3 years of hard work, busyness,comparisonitis and stuckness that often stops budding entrepreneurs in their tracks. You’ll be able to do it the right way, the first time.

You can spend multiple tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out the right way to grow your business (I certainly did!) or you can take one program, clear out any BS blocks or limiting beliefs and build a solid foundation. You’ll learn how to listen to your own advice (so you won’t need the ‘gurus’) and know how to get out of your own way so you can start implementing the bejesus out of the right business strategy for you.

I want you to make an informed decision about this program, honey. Take it from me, making buying decisions based largely on the Fear of Missing Out is DANGEROUS – both for me and for you!

To be clear and certain if this program is for you (or alternatively if there’s a better fit for you out there that we can refer you to), reach out to hello@kyliepatchett.com and give us your personal Qs. Team KP will get back to you within 48 business hours with your As.

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